Monday, December 20, 2010


My apologies for not posting the past few weeks. Life's been hectic, as i'm sure most of you can relate, with the oncoming holidays. Beautifully ironic eh?  Holiday = stress?  Not sure that's right :P But that's not why i'm here talking to you today. Today, i'm here to tell you about a small thought I had in the car on my way to the airport.


Leaping ahead to the point, 30 minutes into the ride my mind wandered to the topic of the holidays, why do they stress us out so dang much? I'll tell you now i don't have the answer, be it the crowds family or relationships, i haven't the foggiest, so sorry if that's what you're looking for :P but for those of you still interested i had an interesting thought. Moreso on the family side of things.

The Family

In a quick summary (quite quick hold on tight) Christmas.

New parents, You get to experience your child's first Christmas, with much excitement as their eyes light up and they gleefully play with the paper, or, more often, watch with wide eyes full of amazement, It's wonderful. And you love every moment.

Mid - Parents (not quite sure how to classify you, kinda experienced?)

This is when we've lost the toddler days of  x-mas, to be replaced with insanity. Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! oh lord they've learned how to talk and now.... Can i have! Can i! ooh! what is it!   After a week or two ( or three or four depending on when you put the tree in, then it's all over) your mind, now resembling some sort of mush, is quite exhausted. Perhaps ready to pop or stop working all together (for you stay at home moms :P). Insanity, by far the best word to use. Yet when the presents are opened, their faces light up, and the house is filled with joy.

Experts - you've made your mistakes in the past, but now know just how to handle the lil' buggers when they call.

House long empty, you live alone (or together). The walls are filled with memories, pictures adorn every end. And your drawer, full of timeless keepsakes (a heart made from play doh, or a picture painted at school) gathers dust. They call as often as they can. Yet it's empty. They've long moved on, lives filled with their own troubles, family gaps, long thought unbridgeable, leave unattended. Some may have children of their own, and the family you once had seems to have fallen away. Yet, that old time, the one so full of stress, a part of the year you dreaded, becomes sacred. Through thick and thin, they return. And the house is filled with love once again. It echoes with the laughter long thought lost. And everyone remembers those days, when they drove their parents up the walls, those same parents who sit before them now, whom they can confide in as fellow adults, and equals, with respect. Their smiles warm every room. Life's good. A dreaded time, not for long.

and to two people i must say this, Whoever said first "They grow up so fast" and "Christmas brings family together"  I salute you. The sad thing is, by the time you realize what's happened, they've gone, yesterday you filled their bottle, now what? You're calling from where? With who? Wha?  But remember this, no matter the problems, the rifts torn, You will always be family, and whether ya like it or not, dangit, ya love eachother. So suck it up :P Have another glass of 'nog. Throw on an old Christmas special. Smile.

They only come once a year.

Love's blessing

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The creative mind has begun its work once again ;) and i'm feeling optimistic :)  over the next few weeks i'll be running the beginning of a story i started early september. I've let it lie for some time, and just recently, i picked it up, and had an idea. It's always good to let some things rest awhile before you try to mess with em :)) 
The first section is at the following

A book is like a child, It is born in the mind and given life by the hands of those who conceived it. Carried close to the heart, they raise it, til' the day that it's completed, when it goes into the world to face its challenges, and fight for success. 

Light's blessing

Sunday, November 14, 2010

When was the last time you saw a pet duck
in the parking lot eh?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take things as they come, little pieces
don't freak about having so many things to get done, or not having time
sit down, get one done, then the next
deal with others when they need you
have your time alone when you need it
and always make sure you have someone to talk to.

Light's blessing

Monday, November 1, 2010

No way :P

Oh how i love life, ya just never know what'll happen next. And isn't that what makes it so darn fun? I mean, you can't imagine some of these things lol, like, for instance, a squirrel, just casually strolling into my college computer class, just casually, a student turns to me (i'm sitting about 3 feet from the door) and says, woh hey a squirrel. I look down, and, sure enough, "Heh, lookit that" ( as the wires slowly make connection in my mind) and i turn and go back to what i was doing. Ahh then there's the fun part, when that final piece clicks into place, and you're suddenly like "wait... what?" I did a double take, looked at the floor, and no surely enough, there's a squirrel.See now this, in any other circumstance, meh ok yeah squirrel got into the building, that should be fun, in any other circumstance, you see because i wasn't just in class, you see, i was on the second floor lol, this squirrel, got inside, climbed 2 flights of stairs, went down 2 halls, and happened on MY room. lol i swear, well as you can imagine the connection was made and i (embarrassingly) let out a "Holy shit dude a squirrel!", and simultaneously, everyone else noticed it too. several scratches, shredded papers and overturned monitors later, it was safely returned outside ;))) lol, suffice to say, i had a great day ;))) 

Lights blessing
Fox  ;) 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’m back! My apologies for not posting in the last few weeks ;)) I had
an absolutely amazing time ;))) but that aside ;)) back to business

As cheesy as it may seem, and overused and quite random, you really
can learn a lot from kids, and it doesn’t seem to matter the age. For
example, my 3 yr. old niece, normal girl, with her points, and loved
just as much as an uncle can, yet i catch myself examining things she
does more than most adults i come across, and it’s facinating, just
small things, and i’m still not quite sure, but there’s a level of
understanding that can’t easily be explained. rare as it is, it seems
most obvious in a certain look i’ve gotten. (now pardon this is quite
the tangent, bear with) I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I’ve
spent the last 88 hours driving back from blizzcon thinking on and off
of it, and this is where it led. (i’ve not posted like this before,
but i thought it’d be interesting to try it out ;).)

As strange as the look is, i’ve come to recognize it, and i’m not sure
how exactly to describe it, but it’s a direct look, straight on right
into eachothers eyes. And a strange understanding. (bit of a switch
here) I have a  strange sort of philosophy with life, simply stated,
it’s that, if you spend all your time obsessing and stressing over
small things, by the time the final confrontation comes, you’re so
tired and beat, you can hardly stand. In other words, relax, look at
things as a small challenge, and nothing more. So when the time comes
you’re ready, and you can move on, because, where’s the fun in living,
when your only moments of peace, are in deep desperate sleep, that is
too soon shattered by an alarm, calling you back to the world to fight

This is how i live, and i believe i understand that look now, and it’s
not only her i see it in, i’ve seen it elsewhere, in adults, teens,
and elders, thought fleeting and hard to catch, it’s there, the moment
you call to attention that it’s not an issue, the old addige, it’s not
worth crying over spilled milk, in that moment it’s there. Maybe a
flash back to childhood, of lost attention, maybe hurt pride, none of
these things i’ll ever know, yet i sit and think long into the night,
and watch the sun rise, and write for hours, all over a moment, with
someone so young, they’ll forget it in a second.

So we can learn from them, though strange as the path is i just took
you on, it’s not one to ignore.

Dismiss not those who have yet to make their case.

Light’s blessing

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy days

Well i must admit, i'm a nerd of sorts, alright i'm a total nerd, an extremely happy one at that ;)) In less than 2 weeks i will be going to the annual Blizzard convention held in Anaheim CA. I went last year and had an absolute blast, things are up in the air at the moment, but i'm completely psyched ;)))   I was one of the first 300 to click to order my ticked when they went on sale some 3+ months ago, and now it's finally time to be there again ;))) I will be posting some of the pictures taken from last year, and, upon return, will undoubtedly have a novel to write for ya'll ;))))  all n all, should be a blast ;))))))

Fox ;)))

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An evening's breeze

Days drag on, yet weeks fly by, one morning you wake up, and it's thursday, you glance at your calendar, and it's november 28, you family is going to be here in a week, your vacation is days away, and the world is filled with smiles, the darkness of winter is replaced, and your house grows warm, full of love and care, and you look out the window, at a pair of flowers that have broken their way through a thin patch of snow, the sun warming their petals, and you realize, it's june, the stars have returned, and you lay in the dark, cool summer air all about you, and wonder, where did monday go?  turn your pillow, and slip away in its cool embrace, the soft scent of time on your nose, and dream.

Light's blessing

Monday, September 27, 2010


Written under the moon, and long into the night,

        Her golden blonde hair shimmered and danced in the moonlight, as she drifted through the forest, caught only when a beam of light shone through a break in the trees. Turning and weaving through the woods, her silken robe hung from her shoulders like the wings of an angel. She spun and danced, until she reached a clearing, and froze, all the world seemed to stop, she bathed in the moonlight, and turned, her eyes, like dark amber, shone in the night, with the moon and stars behind her, and all the world in awe, she spoke, with a voice of silver, and words that brought tears to the eyes, she spoke

The end is your own, and the words fill us all.

Thanks to Jasmeine Moonsong, for all your inspiration and care,

Love and lights blessing

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 random lines, we could all kinda use

1.  Stubbornness, it'll either bite you in the butt, or have you do it yourself.

2.  You know you're with the right person, when they make you a better person.

3.  Fall, the bedtime of the world, soft and beautiful, as it carries us into sleep, only to wake in the spring, and start over new.

4.  Cats are evil, but in that cute way that only warm, fuzzy little death machines can be.

5.  "You can't start a fire without a spark"  Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the dark. So go, go let someone, or something, inspire you, to do something you'd never have done, some days it may seem like you've got no rule over your life, accept what others want, but don't forget the reason you get up every morning, the reason you smile and laugh, your dreams, your loves, and remember who you are.

Light's blessing

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Bear with me here ;) Has been a tricky few weeks, things are beginning to settle and i've resumed writing once again, the wording isn't quite right, but i know what it is i'm going for, sit tight ;) All a process ;)  Hang in there ;)

"So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." (Gandalf, Lord Of The Rings  By J.R.R. Tolkien)

Words to live by ;)

Light's Blessing

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random ;)

This came to me during work today :) Quickly scribbled it down and 5 minutes later i'd forgotten how it went, always good to have paper on hand lol ;)   

Words are my silk, silk, used to spin a web of such beauty, 
it glistens in the morning sun, and is only seen, by those who look for it

Light be with you

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The healing method

Over the past few weeks i have been introduced to, and have been learning about, healing and the movement of energy. The first few attempts were met with moderate success, and since then, have been improving daily. I have been making changes and improvements as i work, my current method is as follows.

Close my eyes, form a triangle with my thumbs and index fingers, find a point on the ground with my feet which feels correct, it is usually warmer in a sense.
I then focus on my energy field, feel it coursing through me, and form a link between me and the person.
Once the link is complete I focus on the negative energy or pain, draw it out, pull it to me and contain it in one point.
Once it is drawn out, I put in it's place positive healing energy, close the link, and proceed to cleanse and right the energy i took, drawing it out using one hand to heal and pull it from me, I then return it to the earth, ground, and place my shield back up.

I don't shield when using this method, as i don't want any of the negative or harmful energy escaping into the area around me, making a risk to others if they happen to come across it. 

Though not as conventional, and has more potential for danger to me I find this method quite natural, and it appears to work brilliantly. I can now recognize certain energies and pains as i pull them, so there is less chance of me getting something that I shouldn't have. I have also used pure light energy healing, it appears to work quite well, though i prefer to have a link open to transfer the energy.

On a completely unrelated note, the number 1345 has entered my life and I have no idea why, I figure over time the reasoning behind this will be revealed to me. It is easier to categorize one's thoughts when you have a copy of them somewhere :)  

Good luck and happy hunting :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Greetings and welcome :)

seeing as this is the first post, i thought i'd start out with a passage that i'm quite fond of. I wrote this some time ago though i thought it was appropriate :) enjoy :)

The Void

There is a point in all of us that is pure darkness. Some may believe they don't possess this, but all do, though deeper, and concealed, laden with thoughts and fears, cast back into it's depths with hope of their never return. This is the place where fears and sorrows and broken hearts lie, though they do not remain forever. fears grow and become a part of you, and hearts try to heal but cannot without care, and this is the place, where at our darkest hour, we are cast forward into it's depths, letting it tear through us, and if we do not escape, it becomes us.

Into The Dawn

No one can survive the void forever, it consumes and destroys. Born from our deepest fears, it is our deepest fear. It will take the moment that sent you to it and feed it, make it strong, this moment is your chain, and it's link to your soul, to escape you must weaken and eventually break free from its grasp. subconsciously we all know this to be true, and when one that we love is taken by the void, we do all that we can to weaken the bond, but it is not ours to break. Only the captured can ever break free. And to those held prisoner i offer this, i'm not going to forget why you're there, nor' to face your fears, we all must do our time in the void, but none are meant to stay. All i ask is that during your time you take a moment, pause, go to the window, and look at the stars, drink in the light of the moon, and be free.

The River

I'll leave you with this, You can't rush recovery, but you cannot put it off forever, we all must heal and reflect on past events, but during your reflection, every once in awhile, look out the window, smell the air, listen to a bird and enjoy the crispness of an apple. No pain lasts forever. Time flows on, as does life. There will banks and turns as is with every river, and whether above, or below it's surface, we all must roll with the tide.