Sunday, August 22, 2010

Greetings and welcome :)

seeing as this is the first post, i thought i'd start out with a passage that i'm quite fond of. I wrote this some time ago though i thought it was appropriate :) enjoy :)

The Void

There is a point in all of us that is pure darkness. Some may believe they don't possess this, but all do, though deeper, and concealed, laden with thoughts and fears, cast back into it's depths with hope of their never return. This is the place where fears and sorrows and broken hearts lie, though they do not remain forever. fears grow and become a part of you, and hearts try to heal but cannot without care, and this is the place, where at our darkest hour, we are cast forward into it's depths, letting it tear through us, and if we do not escape, it becomes us.

Into The Dawn

No one can survive the void forever, it consumes and destroys. Born from our deepest fears, it is our deepest fear. It will take the moment that sent you to it and feed it, make it strong, this moment is your chain, and it's link to your soul, to escape you must weaken and eventually break free from its grasp. subconsciously we all know this to be true, and when one that we love is taken by the void, we do all that we can to weaken the bond, but it is not ours to break. Only the captured can ever break free. And to those held prisoner i offer this, i'm not going to forget why you're there, nor' to face your fears, we all must do our time in the void, but none are meant to stay. All i ask is that during your time you take a moment, pause, go to the window, and look at the stars, drink in the light of the moon, and be free.

The River

I'll leave you with this, You can't rush recovery, but you cannot put it off forever, we all must heal and reflect on past events, but during your reflection, every once in awhile, look out the window, smell the air, listen to a bird and enjoy the crispness of an apple. No pain lasts forever. Time flows on, as does life. There will banks and turns as is with every river, and whether above, or below it's surface, we all must roll with the tide.

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