Sunday, August 29, 2010

The healing method

Over the past few weeks i have been introduced to, and have been learning about, healing and the movement of energy. The first few attempts were met with moderate success, and since then, have been improving daily. I have been making changes and improvements as i work, my current method is as follows.

Close my eyes, form a triangle with my thumbs and index fingers, find a point on the ground with my feet which feels correct, it is usually warmer in a sense.
I then focus on my energy field, feel it coursing through me, and form a link between me and the person.
Once the link is complete I focus on the negative energy or pain, draw it out, pull it to me and contain it in one point.
Once it is drawn out, I put in it's place positive healing energy, close the link, and proceed to cleanse and right the energy i took, drawing it out using one hand to heal and pull it from me, I then return it to the earth, ground, and place my shield back up.

I don't shield when using this method, as i don't want any of the negative or harmful energy escaping into the area around me, making a risk to others if they happen to come across it. 

Though not as conventional, and has more potential for danger to me I find this method quite natural, and it appears to work brilliantly. I can now recognize certain energies and pains as i pull them, so there is less chance of me getting something that I shouldn't have. I have also used pure light energy healing, it appears to work quite well, though i prefer to have a link open to transfer the energy.

On a completely unrelated note, the number 1345 has entered my life and I have no idea why, I figure over time the reasoning behind this will be revealed to me. It is easier to categorize one's thoughts when you have a copy of them somewhere :)  

Good luck and happy hunting :)

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