Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 random lines, we could all kinda use

1.  Stubbornness, it'll either bite you in the butt, or have you do it yourself.

2.  You know you're with the right person, when they make you a better person.

3.  Fall, the bedtime of the world, soft and beautiful, as it carries us into sleep, only to wake in the spring, and start over new.

4.  Cats are evil, but in that cute way that only warm, fuzzy little death machines can be.

5.  "You can't start a fire without a spark"  Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the dark. So go, go let someone, or something, inspire you, to do something you'd never have done, some days it may seem like you've got no rule over your life, accept what others want, but don't forget the reason you get up every morning, the reason you smile and laugh, your dreams, your loves, and remember who you are.

Light's blessing

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