Monday, September 27, 2010


Written under the moon, and long into the night,

        Her golden blonde hair shimmered and danced in the moonlight, as she drifted through the forest, caught only when a beam of light shone through a break in the trees. Turning and weaving through the woods, her silken robe hung from her shoulders like the wings of an angel. She spun and danced, until she reached a clearing, and froze, all the world seemed to stop, she bathed in the moonlight, and turned, her eyes, like dark amber, shone in the night, with the moon and stars behind her, and all the world in awe, she spoke, with a voice of silver, and words that brought tears to the eyes, she spoke

The end is your own, and the words fill us all.

Thanks to Jasmeine Moonsong, for all your inspiration and care,

Love and lights blessing

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