Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’m back! My apologies for not posting in the last few weeks ;)) I had
an absolutely amazing time ;))) but that aside ;)) back to business

As cheesy as it may seem, and overused and quite random, you really
can learn a lot from kids, and it doesn’t seem to matter the age. For
example, my 3 yr. old niece, normal girl, with her points, and loved
just as much as an uncle can, yet i catch myself examining things she
does more than most adults i come across, and it’s facinating, just
small things, and i’m still not quite sure, but there’s a level of
understanding that can’t easily be explained. rare as it is, it seems
most obvious in a certain look i’ve gotten. (now pardon this is quite
the tangent, bear with) I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I’ve
spent the last 88 hours driving back from blizzcon thinking on and off
of it, and this is where it led. (i’ve not posted like this before,
but i thought it’d be interesting to try it out ;).)

As strange as the look is, i’ve come to recognize it, and i’m not sure
how exactly to describe it, but it’s a direct look, straight on right
into eachothers eyes. And a strange understanding. (bit of a switch
here) I have a  strange sort of philosophy with life, simply stated,
it’s that, if you spend all your time obsessing and stressing over
small things, by the time the final confrontation comes, you’re so
tired and beat, you can hardly stand. In other words, relax, look at
things as a small challenge, and nothing more. So when the time comes
you’re ready, and you can move on, because, where’s the fun in living,
when your only moments of peace, are in deep desperate sleep, that is
too soon shattered by an alarm, calling you back to the world to fight

This is how i live, and i believe i understand that look now, and it’s
not only her i see it in, i’ve seen it elsewhere, in adults, teens,
and elders, thought fleeting and hard to catch, it’s there, the moment
you call to attention that it’s not an issue, the old addige, it’s not
worth crying over spilled milk, in that moment it’s there. Maybe a
flash back to childhood, of lost attention, maybe hurt pride, none of
these things i’ll ever know, yet i sit and think long into the night,
and watch the sun rise, and write for hours, all over a moment, with
someone so young, they’ll forget it in a second.

So we can learn from them, though strange as the path is i just took
you on, it’s not one to ignore.

Dismiss not those who have yet to make their case.

Light’s blessing

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