Saturday, November 20, 2010


The creative mind has begun its work once again ;) and i'm feeling optimistic :)  over the next few weeks i'll be running the beginning of a story i started early september. I've let it lie for some time, and just recently, i picked it up, and had an idea. It's always good to let some things rest awhile before you try to mess with em :)) 
The first section is at the following

A book is like a child, It is born in the mind and given life by the hands of those who conceived it. Carried close to the heart, they raise it, til' the day that it's completed, when it goes into the world to face its challenges, and fight for success. 

Light's blessing

Sunday, November 14, 2010

When was the last time you saw a pet duck
in the parking lot eh?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take things as they come, little pieces
don't freak about having so many things to get done, or not having time
sit down, get one done, then the next
deal with others when they need you
have your time alone when you need it
and always make sure you have someone to talk to.

Light's blessing

Monday, November 1, 2010

No way :P

Oh how i love life, ya just never know what'll happen next. And isn't that what makes it so darn fun? I mean, you can't imagine some of these things lol, like, for instance, a squirrel, just casually strolling into my college computer class, just casually, a student turns to me (i'm sitting about 3 feet from the door) and says, woh hey a squirrel. I look down, and, sure enough, "Heh, lookit that" ( as the wires slowly make connection in my mind) and i turn and go back to what i was doing. Ahh then there's the fun part, when that final piece clicks into place, and you're suddenly like "wait... what?" I did a double take, looked at the floor, and no surely enough, there's a squirrel.See now this, in any other circumstance, meh ok yeah squirrel got into the building, that should be fun, in any other circumstance, you see because i wasn't just in class, you see, i was on the second floor lol, this squirrel, got inside, climbed 2 flights of stairs, went down 2 halls, and happened on MY room. lol i swear, well as you can imagine the connection was made and i (embarrassingly) let out a "Holy shit dude a squirrel!", and simultaneously, everyone else noticed it too. several scratches, shredded papers and overturned monitors later, it was safely returned outside ;))) lol, suffice to say, i had a great day ;))) 

Lights blessing
Fox  ;)