Monday, November 1, 2010

No way :P

Oh how i love life, ya just never know what'll happen next. And isn't that what makes it so darn fun? I mean, you can't imagine some of these things lol, like, for instance, a squirrel, just casually strolling into my college computer class, just casually, a student turns to me (i'm sitting about 3 feet from the door) and says, woh hey a squirrel. I look down, and, sure enough, "Heh, lookit that" ( as the wires slowly make connection in my mind) and i turn and go back to what i was doing. Ahh then there's the fun part, when that final piece clicks into place, and you're suddenly like "wait... what?" I did a double take, looked at the floor, and no surely enough, there's a squirrel.See now this, in any other circumstance, meh ok yeah squirrel got into the building, that should be fun, in any other circumstance, you see because i wasn't just in class, you see, i was on the second floor lol, this squirrel, got inside, climbed 2 flights of stairs, went down 2 halls, and happened on MY room. lol i swear, well as you can imagine the connection was made and i (embarrassingly) let out a "Holy shit dude a squirrel!", and simultaneously, everyone else noticed it too. several scratches, shredded papers and overturned monitors later, it was safely returned outside ;))) lol, suffice to say, i had a great day ;))) 

Lights blessing
Fox  ;) 

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