Monday, December 20, 2010


My apologies for not posting the past few weeks. Life's been hectic, as i'm sure most of you can relate, with the oncoming holidays. Beautifully ironic eh?  Holiday = stress?  Not sure that's right :P But that's not why i'm here talking to you today. Today, i'm here to tell you about a small thought I had in the car on my way to the airport.


Leaping ahead to the point, 30 minutes into the ride my mind wandered to the topic of the holidays, why do they stress us out so dang much? I'll tell you now i don't have the answer, be it the crowds family or relationships, i haven't the foggiest, so sorry if that's what you're looking for :P but for those of you still interested i had an interesting thought. Moreso on the family side of things.

The Family

In a quick summary (quite quick hold on tight) Christmas.

New parents, You get to experience your child's first Christmas, with much excitement as their eyes light up and they gleefully play with the paper, or, more often, watch with wide eyes full of amazement, It's wonderful. And you love every moment.

Mid - Parents (not quite sure how to classify you, kinda experienced?)

This is when we've lost the toddler days of  x-mas, to be replaced with insanity. Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! oh lord they've learned how to talk and now.... Can i have! Can i! ooh! what is it!   After a week or two ( or three or four depending on when you put the tree in, then it's all over) your mind, now resembling some sort of mush, is quite exhausted. Perhaps ready to pop or stop working all together (for you stay at home moms :P). Insanity, by far the best word to use. Yet when the presents are opened, their faces light up, and the house is filled with joy.

Experts - you've made your mistakes in the past, but now know just how to handle the lil' buggers when they call.

House long empty, you live alone (or together). The walls are filled with memories, pictures adorn every end. And your drawer, full of timeless keepsakes (a heart made from play doh, or a picture painted at school) gathers dust. They call as often as they can. Yet it's empty. They've long moved on, lives filled with their own troubles, family gaps, long thought unbridgeable, leave unattended. Some may have children of their own, and the family you once had seems to have fallen away. Yet, that old time, the one so full of stress, a part of the year you dreaded, becomes sacred. Through thick and thin, they return. And the house is filled with love once again. It echoes with the laughter long thought lost. And everyone remembers those days, when they drove their parents up the walls, those same parents who sit before them now, whom they can confide in as fellow adults, and equals, with respect. Their smiles warm every room. Life's good. A dreaded time, not for long.

and to two people i must say this, Whoever said first "They grow up so fast" and "Christmas brings family together"  I salute you. The sad thing is, by the time you realize what's happened, they've gone, yesterday you filled their bottle, now what? You're calling from where? With who? Wha?  But remember this, no matter the problems, the rifts torn, You will always be family, and whether ya like it or not, dangit, ya love eachother. So suck it up :P Have another glass of 'nog. Throw on an old Christmas special. Smile.

They only come once a year.

Love's blessing