Thursday, January 27, 2011

Misc Passage No. 7

Quite a few of these are scenes - to - be for A Day In The Mists, among these, is the following.

A sneak peek of sorts :) but shh, no telling :P And ya'll have to guess which ones are ending up there :) cuz i ain't tellin' :))))   

Enjoy :)

Fire and ash rained from the sky, and all around, the world was blotted out with a thick, smoky cloud. Glowing dimly red, with flashes from the brooding fires. High above, cloaked by the swirling flames and darkness, came a cry, as _____ swooped low, scanning the wreckage, searching for any remains signs of life, burning every inch of un-charred ground he came across. 

Now that's quite the teaser, too much more and you'd all figure it out! :) Now no worries :P I proooomise you'll get to read more :)

By the way, I originally was going to post, much, much more, then i read through it a final time before posting, and realized if i did, ya'll would know everything, about, 30 chapters too early lol :) So :P Patience my lovelies :) chapter two is on its way :) I've been enjoying myself writing miscellaneous passages for the past month :) Time to get back to work! :)

Light's Blessing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Misc Passage No. 6

I've gone back and forth on posting this for some time now. In the end I decided to, though personally I don't think it as one of my best works. Perhaps some of you will think otherways :)

Enjoy :)

In the early, dead hours of the morning, lay a highway, and upon it, a car, racing as fast as it could, fleeing as fast as the night from the hills all around, through the mountains and up over the ridge, swerving along with the deep, bending curves of the road, down, then high through the trees, under an old railroad, and through the still silent town. Higher and higher it climbed, and in its seats, lay a man, staring out his window, watching the night flee behind them, as they gained speed, climbing ever higher, then, like a shock, the sun burst through the darkness, shattering it to a million pieces, spraying the hills and trees with its inky black darkness, staining its every touch. And there in the sky, like new wound, lay the sun, sky stained a brilliant red, all around, the hills dark as pitch, lay like a silhouette, solid black, save for the trees, at their very peaks, all around, making them look as though they were covered with a thin fur, A cry, and overhead, a crow, as black as the world below, flew into the light, it's shadow, perfect in the bleeding sky, then, the car was gone, whipping around another corner and back into the deepness of night. And the man sat back, and closed his eyes, with the image burning in his mind, a perfect memory, and willed to never forget, knowing he'd never see it again, and never really knowing, if he had, as the car raced deeper and deeper into the night, and silent call rang out across the wood.

Confession! I edited it after putting that first comment up there lol :) Much better :P I take it back :P

Light's Blessing

ps. I spose' i could've deleted that and written something cheery, but, hey :P 

Monday, January 24, 2011


Slowly, the sun fell, as across the river, all manners of life, crept quietly into their small homes, dug into the tree'd mountainside. And as the last rays of sun glinted off the cool rivers depths, a chill fell across the valley. And life fell still, Til the darkest hour of the night, when the sun was gone, yet the moon has yet to rise, then, a tiny, tiny being stirred. Set out on a strange task, to create a home, in the dead of night. Slowly,  the tiny spider, crawled from the grass, stretching her fragile limbs in the chilly winter air, she made her way to a small dent, barely noticeable, laying in the grass. There, she chose, to build her home. Quietly, she spun a web, back and forth, across the clovers and into the weeds, a tiny web, a suitable home. Long into the night, til finally, with a moon high overhead, she rested below its surface, protected from the world, and slept, High overhead, the moon shone down upon the tiny creation, and it glistened in the pale, night rays. Slowly the moon fell, further and further down, til all was dark once again. Until the morning sun stained the valley sky a brilliant red, and rose. To reveal a new wonder. There, in the grass. Shining like a million diamonds, lay her home. Glistening in the early morning sun. Laden with dew. Slowly, the tiny, wee spider, crawled from her nest, and stared across its reaches. Then turned, and made her way through the tall blades of grass. As all life woke, and the day began.

Thanks to Jasmiene Moonsong, for all the inspiration and care.

Light's Blessing

Inspiration :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Misc Passage No. 5

Yet another, recent, unfinished passage, written again late at night, though i do like where it ends. Any spelling and grammatical errors my apologies if you find any :)

The sun gleamed down upon a bright green valley. No life for miles around, save for the birds, trees, and small critters that roamed the forest the made its border. Inside lay a lush, green and gold field, specked here and there with flowers, and a tall oak tree at it's mid. The birds rested in their roosts, and a pair of squirrels raced up and down the reaches of the trees, leaping from branch to branch, chattering excitedly. On the highest perch of the old oak tree, lay a bird, the oldest of the bunch, and he rarely moved from his roost, mostly, he sat and watched. He'd been watching the squirrels for some time, and grown tired of following them as they darted here and there. He closed his eyes, and rested for awhile, then, suddenly, the wild grew quiet. Something quite startling for a forest, for you never truly realize how loud it is, til there's no sound at all. Slowly, the old bird opened his eyes, and saw. The valley was no longer lit and green, it's grown dark, and cold, and there, a wall of swirling mist, had blotted out the sun. All the animals turned and stared at the sky, completely still. Then, the sky was aflame, every manner of beast or being scattered away as the wall of fog was torn in two, and from the sky descended a being of such magnitude, it'd never been seen on this earth before, flames rose from its wings, and raced behind as the beast fell from the sky, swooping low to the ground. It let out a cry that shook the earth. Then landed atop the hill by the old oak tree. There it sat, no taller than a man when it rested upon the ground. A bird. Yet not of the kind any had seen before, flames ran from its wings in silvery ribbons, and burned nothing they touched. Colored gold and silver, its eyes were those that, if you weren't quite careful enough, you'd find yourself lost, gazing into their depths. There it sat, by the old oak tree, a being lost from another dimension, far from home, caught, in another world.

Light's Blessing

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just got back from going out for pizza, a nice change of pace :) tis good to get out now and then :) As we stepped out of the parlor, it was quite bright. I paused and looked up at the moon, which is completely full tomorrow if i'm not mistaken, and froze. There, in the sky, was undoubtedly, the largest halo, I have ever seen around the moon, I caught my brother's shirt, he turned to me and asked "What?"

"look" I whispered.

He turned and looked up, and let out a quiet, Woww....

There in the sky, the halo around the moon, took up no less than 1/5 of the sky, we all stopped and looked at it, Even Bella (My niece, quite cute, beside the point). It was a wonderful way to end the night :) jJust thought i'd share :) now, shoo :) Go outside :) in the sun :) or snow, or rain, or moon ;) And feel it wash across your skin :)

Light's Blessing
Fox :)

ps. Bella was named long before twilight, we don't "do" trends lol, she's probably has the most conventional name among us, and that says quite a bit lol :)

pps. Note, now this is unimportant lol, random stats, yippee, but, i love stats lol :) There's only approximately 167,000 people with my name in the world :)  The most popular, 3.949 million. Gotta love your parents :) never know what you've landed til ya learn to use wolframalpha :) lol

Misc Passage No. 4

Another, recent, unfinished passage :) I do a lot of my writing very late at night, and most is off the cuff, and occasionally I find some that either I don't know how to finish, or sound fine the way they are, I also post works in their un - edited state, and edit them by hand later :)

As evening drew near, the blue, summer sky, turned to a brilliant red, as the sun dipped low below the horizon, and as the last rays of light disappeared, the world was relieved of its boiling heat, and the coolness of night set over the town. Windows slid open, and dogs were let out. Slowly people emerged from their houses, to lounge in the cool summer night's air, under the soft lights of candles or a fire, none gathered close for heat, but for the soft mellow light it put off, and they talked softly, and drank, as darkness crept through the sky, til none could be seen, save for their faces, orange and red, dancing in the night, lit by the fires they gathered round. The sky, black now, was covered with a million stars, the moon, not yet full, hung low in the sky, leaving the stars to give off the most light. Slowly the fires died down, til they were nothing more than softly glowing coals, and the conversations died, as everyone looked up, to gaze at the sky.

Light's Blessing

Monday, January 17, 2011

Misc Passage No. 3

One of my more recent, unfinished, passages :)

The first early morning rays of light split the crisp winter air, as the sun peaked the furthest summit. Slowly, the beams spread through the trees, lighting on the tiny ice crystals, frozen in their reaches overnight, and all was still. Then, quietly, the first life woke. Somewhere, lost in the trees, a being stirred, stretched the cold and sleep out of its limbs, and let cry a tiny call, so faint, one could miss it at any moment but now. A call heard across the wood, Then, again, all was still, as if nothing had ever happened. Then, the forest was alive, birds flew from their roosts and took to the sky, the scrabbling of claws was heard as a squirrel made its way down a slippery tree. Wings were stretched, and fur warmed.

Light's Blessing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misc Passage No. 2

Previously, I posted one of my  most recent passages, today, I thought it might be a good idea to show one of my  more older works. At first, I thought, "Hey! That's a pretty good idea, I should go find that old notebook I used to write in!" (i've now "upgraded" to a much nicer, leather bound book, very "fancy" lol) Good... Lord... lol :P So I dug it up! Cracked it open, Hey I remember this passage! And this one! Hah I remember thinking that one stunk then too... yup... still does lol. So I dug through them a bit, and found passages I don't even remember writing :P And wowww, quite a few of those were dark lol. Not dark as in, evil I wanna attack you and wipe out the human race, kinda dark lol, don't get me wrong :P Moreso depressing dark. Then I came across an extension to my (personal) favorite passage(s). The Void, Into The Dawn, and The River. It stank, sorry to build ya'll up then let ya down lol :) I did happen across another passage though, I remember at the time it frustrated me greatly because I couldn't get it to sound right, so after a month of writing, re writing, re - re writing, and ultimately giving up, I buried it, to be found now, half a year later, the wording is still extremely rough, and i'm not quite sure it makes sense lol, but I thought it'd be nice to have a look at one of my earliest passages. so :P 

Enjoy! :)

(read at your own risk, i'm covering my eyes lol)

Friendship and Change 

True friendship, It is always there, and always has been, truth be told, finding true friendship isn't the hard part, it's knowing it, now is the moment where i ask you to take some time, a second, or an hour, take a moment and look; Look at your friends, what they've done for you, and you for them, when they've needed you, and you were there, and when they've saved you from falling. Look now to the edges, Look, and find a face, a distant one, one that's remained when so many have gone, always there, always watching. Go back now, bring forth memories so faint, they were nearly forgotten, so many lost, yet one remains. And you've found them.

Followed by a single line, written on the last line of the page, barely discernible.

Time Is Given.

And that it is. 

Light's Blessing

ps. 7 months later, have I improved? :P

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Misc Passage No. 1

Over the next few weeks i will be posting miscellaneous passages, some may be finished, others perhaps not. I began writing sometime around  June 2010. And since then, all the pages within reach have been covered with some and manner of story, quote, and passage, and so, as a start to the new year (yes i'm late i know, blame the fam lol) i thought it'd be nice to put out some of the small works that have caught my eye over these past few months :)

Enjoy :)

My most recent, wrote this lastnight before going to bed :)

Within the depths of the deep green forest,  runs a path. barely discernible, covered by ferns and moss, it reaches up the side of a mountain, winding its way this way and that, through clearings, and densely packed trees. It winds upward, crossing many a creek, fading in and out, sometimes clear, and other times, hardly recognizable at all, and even more often, it disappears all together, to be found again only by those who know where it is. It is the only way to reach the top, all who try otherwise find themselves far below where they began, no one ever truly gets lost, but returned to the start, an endless loop. But there are the few, the few who know its tangling ways, and to where it leads. To the top of the mountain,  some say it leads to a magic waterfall, where fairies dance and play, still others claim it's a horde of gold, and the mass believes it's just an empty lot of land, from which you can see the country all around. Yet none who truly know its secrets, have ever reached the top.

Happy Newyears :)

Light's Blessing