Sunday, January 9, 2011

Misc Passage No. 1

Over the next few weeks i will be posting miscellaneous passages, some may be finished, others perhaps not. I began writing sometime around  June 2010. And since then, all the pages within reach have been covered with some and manner of story, quote, and passage, and so, as a start to the new year (yes i'm late i know, blame the fam lol) i thought it'd be nice to put out some of the small works that have caught my eye over these past few months :)

Enjoy :)

My most recent, wrote this lastnight before going to bed :)

Within the depths of the deep green forest,  runs a path. barely discernible, covered by ferns and moss, it reaches up the side of a mountain, winding its way this way and that, through clearings, and densely packed trees. It winds upward, crossing many a creek, fading in and out, sometimes clear, and other times, hardly recognizable at all, and even more often, it disappears all together, to be found again only by those who know where it is. It is the only way to reach the top, all who try otherwise find themselves far below where they began, no one ever truly gets lost, but returned to the start, an endless loop. But there are the few, the few who know its tangling ways, and to where it leads. To the top of the mountain,  some say it leads to a magic waterfall, where fairies dance and play, still others claim it's a horde of gold, and the mass believes it's just an empty lot of land, from which you can see the country all around. Yet none who truly know its secrets, have ever reached the top.

Happy Newyears :)

Light's Blessing

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