Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misc Passage No. 2

Previously, I posted one of my  most recent passages, today, I thought it might be a good idea to show one of my  more older works. At first, I thought, "Hey! That's a pretty good idea, I should go find that old notebook I used to write in!" (i've now "upgraded" to a much nicer, leather bound book, very "fancy" lol) Good... Lord... lol :P So I dug it up! Cracked it open, Hey I remember this passage! And this one! Hah I remember thinking that one stunk then too... yup... still does lol. So I dug through them a bit, and found passages I don't even remember writing :P And wowww, quite a few of those were dark lol. Not dark as in, evil I wanna attack you and wipe out the human race, kinda dark lol, don't get me wrong :P Moreso depressing dark. Then I came across an extension to my (personal) favorite passage(s). The Void, Into The Dawn, and The River. It stank, sorry to build ya'll up then let ya down lol :) I did happen across another passage though, I remember at the time it frustrated me greatly because I couldn't get it to sound right, so after a month of writing, re writing, re - re writing, and ultimately giving up, I buried it, to be found now, half a year later, the wording is still extremely rough, and i'm not quite sure it makes sense lol, but I thought it'd be nice to have a look at one of my earliest passages. so :P 

Enjoy! :)

(read at your own risk, i'm covering my eyes lol)

Friendship and Change 

True friendship, It is always there, and always has been, truth be told, finding true friendship isn't the hard part, it's knowing it, now is the moment where i ask you to take some time, a second, or an hour, take a moment and look; Look at your friends, what they've done for you, and you for them, when they've needed you, and you were there, and when they've saved you from falling. Look now to the edges, Look, and find a face, a distant one, one that's remained when so many have gone, always there, always watching. Go back now, bring forth memories so faint, they were nearly forgotten, so many lost, yet one remains. And you've found them.

Followed by a single line, written on the last line of the page, barely discernible.

Time Is Given.

And that it is. 

Light's Blessing

ps. 7 months later, have I improved? :P

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