Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Misc Passage No. 4

Another, recent, unfinished passage :) I do a lot of my writing very late at night, and most is off the cuff, and occasionally I find some that either I don't know how to finish, or sound fine the way they are, I also post works in their un - edited state, and edit them by hand later :)

As evening drew near, the blue, summer sky, turned to a brilliant red, as the sun dipped low below the horizon, and as the last rays of light disappeared, the world was relieved of its boiling heat, and the coolness of night set over the town. Windows slid open, and dogs were let out. Slowly people emerged from their houses, to lounge in the cool summer night's air, under the soft lights of candles or a fire, none gathered close for heat, but for the soft mellow light it put off, and they talked softly, and drank, as darkness crept through the sky, til none could be seen, save for their faces, orange and red, dancing in the night, lit by the fires they gathered round. The sky, black now, was covered with a million stars, the moon, not yet full, hung low in the sky, leaving the stars to give off the most light. Slowly the fires died down, til they were nothing more than softly glowing coals, and the conversations died, as everyone looked up, to gaze at the sky.

Light's Blessing

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