Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Misc Passage No. 5

Yet another, recent, unfinished passage, written again late at night, though i do like where it ends. Any spelling and grammatical errors my apologies if you find any :)

The sun gleamed down upon a bright green valley. No life for miles around, save for the birds, trees, and small critters that roamed the forest the made its border. Inside lay a lush, green and gold field, specked here and there with flowers, and a tall oak tree at it's mid. The birds rested in their roosts, and a pair of squirrels raced up and down the reaches of the trees, leaping from branch to branch, chattering excitedly. On the highest perch of the old oak tree, lay a bird, the oldest of the bunch, and he rarely moved from his roost, mostly, he sat and watched. He'd been watching the squirrels for some time, and grown tired of following them as they darted here and there. He closed his eyes, and rested for awhile, then, suddenly, the wild grew quiet. Something quite startling for a forest, for you never truly realize how loud it is, til there's no sound at all. Slowly, the old bird opened his eyes, and saw. The valley was no longer lit and green, it's grown dark, and cold, and there, a wall of swirling mist, had blotted out the sun. All the animals turned and stared at the sky, completely still. Then, the sky was aflame, every manner of beast or being scattered away as the wall of fog was torn in two, and from the sky descended a being of such magnitude, it'd never been seen on this earth before, flames rose from its wings, and raced behind as the beast fell from the sky, swooping low to the ground. It let out a cry that shook the earth. Then landed atop the hill by the old oak tree. There it sat, no taller than a man when it rested upon the ground. A bird. Yet not of the kind any had seen before, flames ran from its wings in silvery ribbons, and burned nothing they touched. Colored gold and silver, its eyes were those that, if you weren't quite careful enough, you'd find yourself lost, gazing into their depths. There it sat, by the old oak tree, a being lost from another dimension, far from home, caught, in another world.

Light's Blessing

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