Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Misc Passage No. 6

I've gone back and forth on posting this for some time now. In the end I decided to, though personally I don't think it as one of my best works. Perhaps some of you will think otherways :)

Enjoy :)

In the early, dead hours of the morning, lay a highway, and upon it, a car, racing as fast as it could, fleeing as fast as the night from the hills all around, through the mountains and up over the ridge, swerving along with the deep, bending curves of the road, down, then high through the trees, under an old railroad, and through the still silent town. Higher and higher it climbed, and in its seats, lay a man, staring out his window, watching the night flee behind them, as they gained speed, climbing ever higher, then, like a shock, the sun burst through the darkness, shattering it to a million pieces, spraying the hills and trees with its inky black darkness, staining its every touch. And there in the sky, like new wound, lay the sun, sky stained a brilliant red, all around, the hills dark as pitch, lay like a silhouette, solid black, save for the trees, at their very peaks, all around, making them look as though they were covered with a thin fur, A cry, and overhead, a crow, as black as the world below, flew into the light, it's shadow, perfect in the bleeding sky, then, the car was gone, whipping around another corner and back into the deepness of night. And the man sat back, and closed his eyes, with the image burning in his mind, a perfect memory, and willed to never forget, knowing he'd never see it again, and never really knowing, if he had, as the car raced deeper and deeper into the night, and silent call rang out across the wood.

Confession! I edited it after putting that first comment up there lol :) Much better :P I take it back :P

Light's Blessing

ps. I spose' i could've deleted that and written something cheery, but, hey :P 

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