Thursday, January 27, 2011

Misc Passage No. 7

Quite a few of these are scenes - to - be for A Day In The Mists, among these, is the following.

A sneak peek of sorts :) but shh, no telling :P And ya'll have to guess which ones are ending up there :) cuz i ain't tellin' :))))   

Enjoy :)

Fire and ash rained from the sky, and all around, the world was blotted out with a thick, smoky cloud. Glowing dimly red, with flashes from the brooding fires. High above, cloaked by the swirling flames and darkness, came a cry, as _____ swooped low, scanning the wreckage, searching for any remains signs of life, burning every inch of un-charred ground he came across. 

Now that's quite the teaser, too much more and you'd all figure it out! :) Now no worries :P I proooomise you'll get to read more :)

By the way, I originally was going to post, much, much more, then i read through it a final time before posting, and realized if i did, ya'll would know everything, about, 30 chapters too early lol :) So :P Patience my lovelies :) chapter two is on its way :) I've been enjoying myself writing miscellaneous passages for the past month :) Time to get back to work! :)

Light's Blessing

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