Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just got back from going out for pizza, a nice change of pace :) tis good to get out now and then :) As we stepped out of the parlor, it was quite bright. I paused and looked up at the moon, which is completely full tomorrow if i'm not mistaken, and froze. There, in the sky, was undoubtedly, the largest halo, I have ever seen around the moon, I caught my brother's shirt, he turned to me and asked "What?"

"look" I whispered.

He turned and looked up, and let out a quiet, Woww....

There in the sky, the halo around the moon, took up no less than 1/5 of the sky, we all stopped and looked at it, Even Bella (My niece, quite cute, beside the point). It was a wonderful way to end the night :) jJust thought i'd share :) now, shoo :) Go outside :) in the sun :) or snow, or rain, or moon ;) And feel it wash across your skin :)

Light's Blessing
Fox :)

ps. Bella was named long before twilight, we don't "do" trends lol, she's probably has the most conventional name among us, and that says quite a bit lol :)

pps. Note, now this is unimportant lol, random stats, yippee, but, i love stats lol :) There's only approximately 167,000 people with my name in the world :)  The most popular, 3.949 million. Gotta love your parents :) never know what you've landed til ya learn to use wolframalpha :) lol

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