Sunday, February 27, 2011

Misc Passage No. 9

Have been meaning to write for the past week :) Hasn't been settled down and quiet though until now :) Finally, I got fed up, and made my escape :) The following passage is the first one I've ever written with other people about, and not in the dead of night :) Just a very small piece of a much, larger story, but it felt right to just post this piece. Enjoy :)

ps. Fictitious, forgot to put that up there, enjoy!

A thin stream of smoke, rose, from a dwindling stick of incense. Next to it, a candle, barely burning, petered out. While outside, a storm raged, tearing at the trees, throwing them about, beating them with torrents of endless rain, pouring from the sky, drowning every inch of earth. I rose from my chair, retrieved, my now cold, and empty mug, slid on my slippers, and made way for the kitchen, gently stroking one of the cats, sleeping on the cat climber, as I passed by. Making it to the kitchen, I placed my glass upon the counter, grabbed a measuring cup, filled it with water, and slid it in to the microwave, setting it to heat, then wandered over to the window, gently rocking on my heels to keep warm, while the water boiled. Outside, the barrage of rain had momentarily ceased, and the winds had died. I stared for some time, arms folded, keeping my hands warm, the soft hum of the microwave in the background, and watched, quietly. A lone, snowflake, drifted silently by the window, and fell down, into the yard, laying to rest softly, on one of the many bricks lining the path below, where it quickly disappeared, melted, into another rain spot on the ground. I looked up, and there, from the sky, followed a thousand, falling stars, joining their lost brethren, upon the ground. Covering it, in a thin, sheet of white.

Light's Blessing

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