Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Of Shadows

Welcome! :))) Since today's last product had such a short description, I thought I'd put up another one :) Today's second post is a book of shadows I created using photoshop cs5 :) In the center is a spirit standing in the middle of a giant pentacle, surrounded by all the symbols of the zodiac floating in the background. Originally this photo was created as a cover to a story I was writing, I modified the image and added the zodiac signs floating in the background :) The story this image was initially created for was actually my book I haven't worked on since December lol :) And the man standing in the center of the pentacle is the main character, John, This picture was set to be posted after I had written the next chapter :) The main character is set in a city (based off of new york), and has lost his home and his job, eventually he ends up inadvertently crossing over into another realm, while in a holistic healer's shop :) The scene in this image is his return to earth :) Unfortunately Zazzle doesn't actually have blank books for design! Though the 3 ring book of shadows works just as well :) And I actually have all of my notes stored in one as well :) I really loved this picture on creating it :) and am considering putting it on a T-shirt as well :) I hope you all enjoy! :)

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