Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ahhh frustration... The simple woes of a writer :)

The fly buzzed and flew around high above, surrounded and confused by what would be, if he had a nose, a pungent smell, mint, mint therapy for feet for that matter actually. Sprayed from a small silver can from the being far down below. The fly rubbed its feet together and cleared behind its eyes once again; "Why did that thing spray at me?" It wondered. It's legs were starting to twitch, he'd been sitting too long and he knew it, Off he flew, much better. Quietly at bliss, the humming of his wings ever constant behind him. Ahhh, Then, out of nowhere, *Whap* Struck from the sky, panicked, the fly flew in frantic zig zag patterns up into the sky, trying desperately to avoid the danger. Frustratedly, the small cat settled down on her haunches and watched as her prey flew off into the sky. Round and round the trio went, buzing by the computer, *Spray* Up through the webs, The fly being caught momentarily in a daddy long leg nest, only to break free in a second, sending the daddy long leg running out, then grumbling back into its hold to see its net devoid of any prey. Then past the cat, who would take a halfheartedly swing at the thing then send it on its way. Round and round they went, spray, buzz, tangle, smack run. Round and round, the man in bed slowly growing more and more frustrated at the increasing amounts of interruptions, suddenly, the buzzing stopped, and everyone looked around. And two flies came flying out of nowhere. The man grumbled and shut his laptop and light off, and rolled over in bed to go to sleep, as the cat growled and the fly laughed its tiny laugh, the night went on, and the rest of the world slept. Twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, save for a cat, a fly, and the nous.

Light's Blessing
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