Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iphone 3 case! :)

Welcome! As my very first post I thought i'd put up one of my favorite products created so far! The iphone case to the left is fit for Iphone 3 and 3gs, the photo displayed was created using photoshop cs5 :) Like everything that will be posted from here on out :) Initially I was using this picture as practice to try and remember how to make reflections, though I still don't remember the process quite right, I could recall the process well enough to make the fox look as though she was standing next to a lake :) There are two version of this case, one for Iphone 3 and one for Iphone 4, Though I believe the 4 case came out looking a lot better (As it's flat and the 3 is a bit rounded), A friend of mine (who I've been using as a sounding board for all of this) pointed out to me, That the camera for the 3g, looks like a moon! :) I hadn't even realized this when I first created the design lol, So  I thought it would be nice to start with this one :) You can see the full sized image Here :) I will be trying to post new products at least daily, as long as my schedule is willing to obey :) There will always be at least 4 posts a week. I'm hoping to increase traffic a bit :) And hopefully get some followers! :) I hope you enjoy! :)

Iphone 3 case In store Here

Light's Blessing
The Fox And The Crow store at Zazzle.com

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