Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome! :) Today's product is a small fox pendant necklace :) This photo was created almost a year ago for fun using photoshop. I posted it on the side bar of my blog when I first created it :) This is number one of two designs, which you have the option between when viewing it in the store, though there is not a huge difference, I prefer the look of the square pendant to the round :)

Full sized Square Fox Pendant Necklace

Full Sized Round Fox Pendant Necklace

Though the difference is not huge, I prefer the square as the round cuts off one of the ears a little bit ;) Either way you choose It is still a fantastic looking piece :) There is another fox pendant featuring the neon reflection fox, standing by a lake, that is also on two Iphone cases in the store :) I hope you enjoy! :)

Fox Pendant in Store

Light's Blessing
The Fox And The Crow store at

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