Monday, June 20, 2011


:)))))))))))))))) Welcome again!!! Confused? Well I don't blame ya ;)))) I've been on a leave of absence so long I don't even want to look at when my last post was ;) And I'm quite sure I lost a few readers along the way, But for those of you New and Old alike! Welcome! :) I'm back! :) And the format of this blog is going to change a bit :) Initially I only set this area up as a place to store all my writing and thoughts etc. Like any blog :) But as of late I've decided to pursue a career through the internet :) As it is so amazingly hard to get one's writing noticed and out into the world, and even moreso to have a publisher pick it up, after a few interesting events, I've decided to tweak things just a bit :) In essence, This will now be a business/writing blog from here on out. The business, is Zazzle. Recently (About 6 ish months ago, fine not recently, w/e) I happened across zazzle again (2 days ago). Now when I first discovered the site, I thought it was kinda interesting, but I never actually looked into how it worked or what you needed to do. 2 days ago I was directed back to this site, a little over a week after I had re - acquired photoshop CS5. I looked into it, And found out that it's an amazingly easy program to use, with easy posting, production etc. Just so long as you're moderately photoshop savvy. Photoshop is by far one of my most favorite computer programs out there, I would urge each and every one of you to try the 1 month trial. Back on topic, Using these two programs I have been able to create custom made items from scratch, ranging from coffee mugs, mousepads, iphone and ipad cases, as well as things as simple as a keychain (Shirts stickers notepads hats bumper stickers, you get the idea :P). The only part of this whole charade that has a catch is, You have to advertise yourself!! So here it all Is! From here on out this blog will be a posting place for all my new items (That I deem worthy of people seeing that is lol), Each item will be posted with a picture (Covered with a protective Z to stop stealers, though i'd be honored to be ripped off lol) And a short description, whether or not it was made completely from scratch or based around personal photos, and from time to time, Items will be put up with a small short story :) And If it's liked enough the item in question will be re - posted as a revisited pic, only changed to incorporate a quote from the story somewhere :) So far i'm having a blast, the idea of being able to work for a living using my favorite program in the world, and getting to write alongside it gives me chills :) As well as refurbishing this blog, I've also opened up a new facebook page, you can simply search for it in the search tab at the top, the name is "The Fox And The Crow" and the profile picture is the same as the one here on my blog :) Every time I post a new item here, It will be posted there as well :) So! :) Welcome again! To those of you who stuck with me after so many months of lacsidasicalness, and for those of you joining me for the first time! :) I look forward to being with you all :)

And my sign off hasn't changed ;)))))

Light's Blessing

ps. Yup folks the ps still exists as well, old habits die hard :)

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