Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fairy Magick Necklace

My apologies for not posting for so so long! I recently lost photoshop and have been fighting since to get it back! Unfortunately without it though, it is extremely hard to make products, as I have absolutely no editing or designing software at all other than photoshop, though I was able to create this necklace for you all :) A small yet beautiful little necklace depicting a midnight fairy holding a star :) An absolutely beautiful image, which I happened to stumble across among my files and files of old photos I've worked with, searching for something I'd previously created that would be appropriate for a product :) This little wonder here was my very first experience with heavy duty, intensive reconstruction. From her waist down the image was absolutely ruined, save for her feet and hand, the rest was completely created by scratch over an hour and a half, one of my prouder works :) lol, I thought it came out okay :) I absolutely love fiddling with pictures, especially when someone requests I help them with one :) I do requests by the way ;))))) Just pm me or leave a comment, I'll get back to you as soon as I have the photoshop issues all cleared up ;)))) Until then :)

Full sized Fairy Magick Necklace here.

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