Monday, July 4, 2011

Forest Magick Iphone 3 Case

Welcome! Today's product is the Forest Magick Iphone 3 cover! (Also an Iphone 4 version in store) :) My apologies for not posting any new material the past few days, it hit 95 this weekend and whoo boy! The cats and I were just sacked out on the couch in front of the fan the whole time lol :) It has finally cooled down though, and I've managed to get off my rump this 4th of july evening to give you all something I think you'll like :) Though there really isn't a whole lot to describe, this image is just purely magnificent. That itself is how it caught my eye to begin with lol :) Though I did modify it quite a bit upon acquiring it, I added and edited for hours, one of the more noticeable features would be the shadow of a woman, rising with the spirits from the center of the lake :) I would (and actually most likely will) love to have this as my own Iphone 3g/3gs cover. I'll be setting aside some cash from time to time to pick this up for sure :) as it is absolutely gorgeous :) I hope you all enjoy! :)

Forest Magick Iphone 3 Case In store here

Full sized image of the Forest Magick Iphone 3 Case here

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