Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sea

Slowly, the ever darkened sky, began to turn a shade of deep blue. As the stars were slowly taken away, off in the distance, the pitch black of the sea was beginning to be revealed. the sky to the west became a silvery purple, and the east, ever brighter a hue of blue. Slowly but surely the sea grew brighter, light, pushing its way across the heavens, lighting the waves and the sand far below. Further and further it reached, breathing life into all things that it touched. Until finally, low, below the horizon, far across the sea, peaked the nose of the sun. All of a sudden the thousands of stars returned, a million times brighter, shining and flickering their beautiful light all across the land, swimming and moving, as the sun illuminated the bay below it send cascades of light pouring across the land. Shimmering so blindingly bright, that the moment only lasted so long, before it was too strong to be looked upon any further. Higher and higher into the sky it climbed until finally the bay became its shade of light blue once again, its stars long forever gone, a fleeting moment only known to those who had been, or those to come the next time the sun would rise. Slowly the bay filled with early morning watchers, couples to see the sun rise slowly above the horizon, followed by the ones who loved to job in the peaceful, cool still of the morning ocean air. Along side the runners came the bikes, and finally those who would spend their entire day by the sea, playing in the sand. The beach was full, happy cries of children all around, splashing in the water to cool off as the sun rose higher into the sky, and baked the world below. Slowly the shadows began to grow, the parents and children alike began to tire, and started to pack for their long trip home. Slowly but surely, the beach was drained again. Until all that was left was the nighttime walkers, and the few who watched the sun on the opposite side. Finally, the beach was deserted yet again, echoes of the children's laughs dying away, and the only memory of anyone's existence, being washed away by the cool, lapping waves of the sea. Silently, the first coming stars peeked their way through the blackening sky. And the world was dark. Until yet again, came a light from across the bay. A silvery blue. Slowly growing brighter, and as it approached, it seemed, the stars grew in brightness, piercing the silent night sky. Brighter and brighter it grew, until finally another being breached the surface of the sea. The moon, full as can be, finally broke the front of the horizon, and spilled it's cool light all across the bay. Suddenly, as all had been before, the sea was aflame with the light of a thousand stars. And to the lonely souls, who watched the sea below, it seemed as if The entire world, had turned to be the night sky. a Million stars below, danced across the sea, as a billion high above, covered the sky, and all around the world was dark, as the moon climbed high above.

Light's Blessing

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