Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three wolf moon, and a darkening sky

Short, but I hope you enjoy :)

Slowly, as night began to fall, the silvery field, turned to a darkened shade of gray, and then finally, into black. All around the world fell to sleep, birds, settled into their roosts, squirrels in their trees and rabbits into their dens. Windows opened to welcome the cooling night air, after the long, summer day's heat, as people wandered around on the porches of their homes, allowed to move freely for the first time since almost when the sunrise began earlier that day. Silently, fireflies made their way through the sky, illuminating themselves only for a moment, then moving onward onto their journey. Slowly but surely the people and flies alike make their ways back into their homes, to settle down for the night, and prepare for the day to come. As the world fell finally, to peace, a gentle fog rolled over the trees, drifting down and covering the fields for miles around in a thick mist, and wetting the blades below, as the moon grew high in the sky. Somewhere, long off in the distance, a wolf called at the moon, and a family of fox, barked in response. Slowly the moon moved toward the middle of the sky, then began its descent beyond the horizon, as the gentle fog turned into a mist, and settled into the grass, leaving a perfect droplet of rain on every stalk, the sky to the east turned a deep shade of purple, as the oncoming sunrise approached.

Light's Blessing

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