Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new direction....

Merry Meet everyone! :) I know I know ;) For those of you following my page on facebook, I dropped the ball and said that I'd be posting Sunday morning, Unfortunately, I hadn't accounted for missing my alarm, and sleeping to 30 minutes before I was set to work 8 hours on a moving job, 2,200 pounds of metal equipment and paper products, I came home and passed out lol, followed by 2 days of work after that, and, my supply shipment order had gotten delayed, which is never any good lol :) it should arrive within the next week or two, and we're back in business! But! All that aside! Here we go! I know some of you may be disappointed, but, this has truly always been my original intention for this webpage :) was just a start, to put my foot in through the door, and to get myself a little established before looking on to greater horizons :) And what is that greater horizon? Well, it goes like this, my ultimate goal is to become a published author, in the grand scheme of things, that is my final (hopeful) end result. But we all know of course, one can't just walk in, drop a stack of papers on one's desk and say "Publish me" Lol :) So we started small :) First eclectic little posts, followed by 2 months of doing Zazzle (Now no worries, I won't be stopping doing that, it will mainly be on request now though, but I'll still do one from time to time, I really do love working with them.), And now, Finally, beginning my business, selling home made, hand crafted, soapstone pendulums and necklaces :) The one you see in the upper left, is the first pendulum I have ever made :) It is still my personal pendulum, and I use it all the time. I receive my soapstone in semi - large shipments, about a medium flat rate box worth, of solid soapstone blocks, from these, I cut a small block, which is then slowly shapened down by hand, using small metal serrated files, and finally sanded, using finer and finer grit, until all traces of scratches are gone, polished, and secured, I attach the chain. :) While I must admit I am not extremely good at it yet, and of course my personal pendulum doesn't have it, I can also engrave designs into the sides of the pendulum :) I have a general idea on cost/pricing. All products will be on request only of course :) I can do specifics, and you can message me here with any questions or concerns (or suggestions! Always welcome!)   I will be of course publishing new designs at least once a week, providing the weather holds, generally speaking I only get to work in the afternoons, and trust me, carving in 98 degree weather, notttt that fun lol :) So there we are! From here if things work out, I will be moving on to looking for publishers! :) Until then though! Hoping to hear from each and every one of you :) Blessed be :)

Light's Blessing

Non - chained pendulum Work in progress :) Once the new clasps arrive this one will be put on it's chain :)

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