Sunday, August 7, 2011


This was just a little passage I wrote mainly about what I could see around me. It's always good to keep in practice :) And I was relaxed that night, so I grabbed a piece of paper and went for it. It doesn't really have an end, but I hope you'll all enjoy anyways :)

The sky to the east was a pearly black, while the west's line of color, was slowly shrinking, ever smaller, into nothingness. The deep blues, purples and reds, began to disappear. And as the last of the light was finally seen to be gone, the whole of the earth, finally, began to cool. Where it had been in the mid 90s but an hour ago, the air caught on a whisper of the wind, turned. Leaves quietly moved in the midsummer night's breeze, but not one made a sound. The town grew still, save for the tiny crackle, barely noticeable, that came drifting up from a yard, in the middle of the urb. There a small fireplace was lit, fueled by downed trees from the yard, lit by the ever dying grass of the town. There, the tiny flames crackled and sparked, eagerly taking in what little to eat they were given. Above the leaves of the bay, lifted, as if by an unknown hand, into the sky, by the heat of the fire. A kitten strolled around the place, hunting for something to play with, young though it was, the kitten was an outdoor cat at heart, and had already grown to its full size, though it had the experience of a child. Still the kitten played and learned, chasing berries as they fell from the tree, pouncing on leaves, and attempting to stalk up on birds, unknowing that her ever anxious tail,  was rattling the brush below, in an constant twitch. The kitten strolled about the fire, slowly growing more and more tired, having played for well over an hour, she finally lay to rest not on the ground, but up upon a wire chair, placed in the yard. There she curled up on her side, eyes afire, sparkling and lit, by the flames before them. Slowly the pit became nothing more than a hollow metal bowl, filled with glowing red embers, all that remained of the once bursting fire. As the stars began to poke their way through the sky the rest of the night woke up, creatures moved from their homes, onto their nightly hunts, and the kitten wandered off, to her own little hole, one where she slept at night, before returning at the dawn to play with the family once again. 

Light's Blessing

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