Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Water Nymph Mousepad

Merry meet everyone! :) As you can see I'm quite thrilled to finally have photoshop back! :) Today's second post in the Mater Nymph Mousepad :) I chose this picture not only because it is absolutely gorgeous, but because it was so small :) I've been meaning to get resolution resetting down pat for some time now, and I figured you can't get better without practice :) So, Here we are! It is still quite a bit lower than I had hoped for, But I do believe I forgot to do a step somewhere along the lines in there :) I've been self taught since week 2 of acquiring photoshop. I found it so fun to just explore the tools and their capabilities on my own I never really stopped and got around to formal learning lol, suffice to say those first 4 weeks or so of pictures were some of the craziest and strangest things you've ever seen, I didn't save many of them, but lets just say a lot of things ended upside, semi clean, and in negative format :) lol :) I hope you all enjoy this new product :) I'll be posting more very soon :)

Full sized Water Nymph Mousepad picture here

Water Nymph Mousepad In store here

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