Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Claps, And a sigh.

The skies grew dark as a roll of clouds moved north, casting blotchy, rippling shadows along the grass as it swayed and danced back and forth, caught in the coming storm's wind. A roll of thunder caught the hills, and boomed down into the valley. and then, the first drop of rain, fell. Followed by another, and another, until all around there was a steady cascade, falling from the sky. The clouds rolled on, the grasses below now boiling in the winds. And the light rain, rose back from the ground, in a sickly wave, for as soon as it fell, the tiny droplets, were consumed by the hungry soil, and spat back out by the heat, into the sky. down and up it came, first as rain and then as fog, until the whole mountainside was muggy, and dank. A great flash of light, followed by a roar, and the second crash of thunder had passed, only to be followed by an even greater sum of light, as a fire sprung from the bluff where the lightning had stung. Through the waving grass it roared, eagerly devouring the dry blades, its flames high in the air one moment, and then gone the next. Wind tossed the burning sea to and fro, in a symphony of chaos and wonder, until, in a way that one would think the sky itself had split open, a final clap of thunder, shook the hills, and the sky, poured. Torrential rains hailed from the sky, and drenched the parching lands below. The once bright flames were doused, and all the heat in the air was dropped. On and on it poured, soaking the land, and turning the cracked, dusty fields into a marsh, while all around the ash from the fire was swept away. Small rivers formed, and carried the surging waters across the land, until all was as it had been once before. Slowly the rain began to dwindle from the sky, until it was nothing more than a mist, and finally gone. And as the clouds rolled by a speck of sun broke through, followed by his brethren, until the sky was blue once again, and the fields of green, shimmered in the sun, as they swayed in the breeze below.

A little bit different than my usual style, but I hope you all enjoyed anyway :)

Light's Blessing

AzureGreen- Celebrating All Paths to the Divine

Sunday, September 25, 2011


A quiet gust of wind, rustled through the night, sending leaves fluttering from the trees, and causing their branches to sway, ever so softly. Across the darkness it raced, darting between houses and cars, until it reached an open window, still lit, and darted in. All around the room the cool rush of wind crept, until finally reaching the source of light. A small computer monitor flickered in the darkness, and the one in front of it, shivered, caught by the sudden gust of cool wind, and wished silently for a small coat, to cover their exposed arms with. A small orange cat purred, contentedly curled up on its own personal heating pad, a human's lap, while another slept at it's feet, silently cursing the one who had gotten the warm place in the room.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teardrop Necklace

Merry meet! :) My sincerest apologies for not posting the past few weeks, but it's been an extremely, highly hectic month, new jobs lost jobs closed businesses, essentially, about 0 seconds a day to carve lol :) So, today, I thought, even though I haven't done any new works in a good 2 weeks, that I might share something with you all :) The necklace in the image to the left is one that I wear every day, it was one of my first ones I ever made :) Though I absolutely adore the color, and it is, by far, one of the best types of soapstone I have worked with to date. It's the same kind as my personal pendulum as a matter of fact, as well as one other that I gave away as a gift :) I no longer have any of the tops like the one on it though, I now have some absolutely gorgeous silver leaf ones :) I am also hoping that, perhaps this weekend, if everything stays at bay (Fingers crossed), that I will be able to complete the soapstone oil burner I have been working on for a while :) I initially began it quite some time ago but got interrupted, if everything goes as planned I'll put up a picture of it when it's complete here :) Until then :) Best wishes :)

Light's Blessing